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Medium - Hard difficulty


34,3 km




Explore the most important ancient landmarks and the tradition of our land.
Kea is the sixth in size island of the Cycladic complex and its characteristic shape ( shape of a tear) is ideal for e-bikes for a long-distance easily, enjoying the unique landscape and learning the island’s tradition.
From the narrow streets of Ioulida and the imposing stone Lion to the Monastery of Kastriani on the north side and from Otzias, the largest beach on the island to the magical landscape of the first prehistoric settlement of Kefala, the route of the north side of the island reveals the significant cultural and religious tradition of Kea.
A unique route that includes some of the most important sights of Kea island.
For booking of 4 people or more, there is a 15% discount. Pay the deposit now, and the remaining balance will have the 15% discount applied to the total amount.
Depending on the situation, the route could change.
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Kea Island

Kea or Tzia is an island full of beauty, cultural tradition and strong contrasts in its geophysical profile, where at distances of 10 kilometers, the island with the mountainous nature conflict peacefully, creating a charming result for the visitor.

Meet the tour destinations

1st spot

Starting point Mylopotamos

Αρισταίος Κέα Τζιά

Σημείο εκκίνησης Μυλοπόταμος.

2st spot

Village of Ioulida

Village of Ioulida - Kea Tzia island tours

E-biking to the Lion through the traditional village of Ioulida.

3rd spot

Veniamin Spring


E-bIking to Veniamin Spring, the ancient entrance to the capital.

4th spot

Kastriani Monastery

Panagia Kastriani Kea island

E- biking to Kastriani Monastery through the central asphalt road.

5th spot

Otzias beach

Otzias beach - Kea island - ebike tours

E-biking to Otzias beach through the central asphalt road.

6th spot



E-biking to Akrotiri through the dirt road close to two prehistoric settlements.

7th spot

Hiking to St Nicolas Lighthouse

Φάρος Αγ. Νικολάου

Visit the lighthouse of Ag. Nikolaou (hiking), the other end of the bay gate. The first lighthouse in the Cyclades and the second in the then Greek territory. The lighthouse is the ideal place to enjoy a traditional pastel and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Aegean Sea.

There is a return to Mylopotamos from the Main Road with the final destination being the Folklore Museum. Those who have chosen meze with local traditional products and local red wine Mavroudi, stay in the garden of cafe Varadi.

8th spot

Aristaios - Finishing point

Αρισταίος Κέα Τζιά

End of tour route in Aristaios in Mylopotamos.

9th spot (optinal)

Greek Meze


Participants who have also chosen local "meze" with traditional Kean products and red wine (mavroudi) remain at the cafe " Varadi"
.Finishing point "Aristaios" in Mylopotamos.